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What Is A Tyre Building Machine? 5 Amazing Videos You Must See

What is a Tyre Building Machine? 

A Tyre Building Machine (or TBM) is a crucial tyre machinery that assembles all components such as tread, sidewall, inner liner, body ply, bead, and cord body together to build green tyres. Each cycle is programmed to carry out the various operations and concurrently, to give a balanced building cycle.

It is said that a picture is worth thousand words. And logically a video is worth much more. Hence today I choose to concisely share with you over 1 million words in 5 amazing videos.

Lets start by understanding how a tyre is made, so you could appreciate the later videos better.  This 4:50 min long video shows Michelin brand and has been viewed over 240k times.

How A Tire is Made

The next 7:05 min video is of a TBM that is likely to be seen with most tire producers who have still not automated.

Tyre Building Machine

The evolution from the above is the automatic TBM’s from VMI that has high productivity and efficiency as you will see from this 1:51 min long video.


The next 2:32 min long video from BST eltromat is an amazing animation that gives you an overview of the complete TBM and helps you visualize the tyre building process seen in above two videos in the right perspective.

Layout of a TBM

Lastly, for those curious of the history, here is a 9:36 min long video clipped from the 1934 film, ‘Under the Tread’. 

Tire Building in 1934

You would have spent a little less than 29 minutes if you have watched all the 5 above videos in full. I look forward to your thoughts if this time you invested was knowledge-enhancing or not.

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