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Internal Mixers Maintenance Chart

Internal Mixer is a favourite equipment for volume and quality rubber mixing world-wide. These could be Tangential Type Mixer (referred as Banbury) or Intermeshing Type Mixer (referred as Intermix).

HF Mixer

Image from HF Mixing Group

Users buy brand new internal mixers from the manufacturers. Or they get used-machinery from the secondary market. The used-machinery could be either from a trader or from another user. Reputed internal mixer manufacturers include HF Mixing Group, Kobelco, Bainite Machines, Carter, Yiyang etc.

Brand new mixers (and some times old ones too!) come with an Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manual. In such cases, the owner gets comprehensive information on the recommended maintenance practices of the mixer from this manual. Well maintained mixers have longer life, shorter break-down times and gives highest ROI.

In case you do not have the O&M Manual of your internal mixer, here is a template chart of recommended maintenance schedule. You may want to adopt this chart with some customization. Please download the pdf here – Recommended Maintenance Schedule For Internal Mixer

Let us know if you found this chart useful for your internal mixer maintenance.

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