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Update Of A Recent Refresher Training Program at Kuala Lumpur

Hi! This post is different from my regular notes on rubber machinery.

This is a short and quick update about a recently completed refresher training for rubber professionals at Kuala Lumpur (May 5-6, 2015).

I had the privilege of delivering this training along with Mehul Patel – renowned rubber compounding and reclaim expert. Mehul (MD of Attuned Polymers Pvt. Ltd) is a veteran rubber industry consultant, ISO TC 45 Project Leader, Chairman of IRI-Mumbai Branch, and has presented over 36 technical papers worldwide

Training in Malaysia For Rubber Professionals

Over 25 professionals from MRB (Malaysian Rubber Board or Lembaga Getah Malaysia (LGM)) and Rubber sector attended this refresher training. Session topics were Reclaim Rubber, Compounding & Mixing, and Adhesives.

I covered Machinery. Compounding and Mixing Machinery presentations had key technical and visual inputs from Bainite Machines. The second half of this session aptly titled “Adopting Solutions That Makes A Rubber Mixing Plant…Truly Integrated” had comprehensive inputs from rubber machinery automation solution experts, Base Automation.

All the training contents were well received. Some of the sessions had a healthy exchange of ideas, questions and clarifications. The presence of an amazing pool of young talent among the august audience made this program a memorable one for us.

The training was well-organized by Ikatan Tekun Sdn Bhd (ITSB) at the lush green campus of MRB Advanced Processing and Product Technology, R&D Centre of Excellence (COE).

ITSB, based out of Kuala Lumpur, caters to the requirements of Rubber Industry in Malaysia. Hassan Rahman (Managing Director of Ikatan Tekun) and Fezal Zakaria (Sales & Project Manager of Ikatan Tekun) – the dynamic leaders behind this event – told me “We organized this refresher program to reiterate Ikatan Tekun’s strong commitment to serve the Malaysian Rubber and Tire Industry.”  They launched their Technical Consulting Services with this program.

And I am informed, ITSB aspires to be the right partner for rubber processing machinery, technical consulting and customized training requirements of the Rubber Industry. So, if you are based out of Malaysia and seeking to buy any rubber machinery or access customized solutions, you may want to first check out the services of ITSB. Their young and dynamic team assures you prompt response and service to your requirements.

Buy Smart (Rubber) Machinery Products and Solutions, Malaysia!

Meanwhile when you plan a training program, please contact me to discuss how I can partner you on rubber machinery topics to offer you a high ROTI (Return On Training Investment).


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Rubber Sheet Feeder

Internal Mixers and Mixing Mills are familiar rubber compounding machineries for short production runs. This is because of their broad range of shear capabilities and acceptance of all feed forms. Yet, rubber goods producers and tire manufacturers are familiar with their demerits viz. varying power demand, batch-to-batch quality variation and labor intensive operations.

Can you improve the experience and performance expectation? Yes, through the introduction of Sheet Feeders with Rotary Cutter.

Image Courtesy: Bainite Machines Pvt Ltd

Image Courtesy: Bainite Machines Pvt Ltd

Sheet feeders are designed for quick installation onto your existing layout. It could be either mounted to your Mixing Mill frame or put up in front of the weighing conveyor in a Mixer feed line. This means that space constraint never becomes an issue for you to extract more out of your existing mixing operations. And since only one operator can control the mill (or mixer) and sheet feeder, the operation does not increase your labor cost.

Sheet feeder’s with hugger belts replaces the conventional manual loading of rubber sheet on to the mill. This machine enhances your worker’s safety, and makes the loading operation safe. And because it facilitates continuous positive feed of the rubber sheets into the mill (or mixer), the operation feels ‘automatic’.

The rotary cutter on the sheet feeder cuts the fed rubber sheets into uniform rectangular pieces. This results in better dispersion of the rubber sheets in the mixing mill (or mixer for final batch).

The internal mixer rotors performs reactive, dispersive and distributive mixing of uniformly cut rubber sheets faster and better than a long sheet fed into the mixing chamber. The result you experience is a homogenized rubber mix, independent of the operator efficiency or any weight variations in the batch. The quicker mixing of the cut pieces shortens the mix cycle; thereby increasing the productivity of your internal mixer or mixing mill.

Summarizing, Sheet Feeders, is a simple machine which when installed to feed the mixing mill line or batch mixers, increases efficiency, reduces manual intervention and improves consistency of mix. This is also known as Mill Feeder, Rubber Feeder or Stock Loader with disc cutter.

Prodicon, Bainite Machines and few Chinese manufacturers offer them in the world market with customized specifications. Pelmar offers used-machinery of this category.

Please do let us know of your observations and notes on this allied machinery increasing efficiency into your existing rubber mixing line.

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