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Handling Green Tyre? 3 Interesting Videos You Must See

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You need to exercise utmost care while handling Green tyres to prevent their deformation right from Tyre Building Machine through spray painting and sorting to storage buffer. Hence, most green tyre handling solutions are focused on the vulnerability of the tyre and the utilization of the Tyre Building Machine.

Ergonomics, capacity, and speed are critical success factors of the Green Tyre Handling solutions. Here are 3 interesting animation videos on Green Tyre Handling for you that throws more light on this subject.

The first video is from Positech. The 2:36 min video is on an end effector to aid in the handling of green tyres. You can see how an industrial lift assist will pick a green tyre, rotate it horizontal and place it into a rack. This video will help you appreciate the subject of green tire handling and acknowledge the automation challenges shown in the next two videos better.

Green Tire Handling with Positech Industrial Manipulator

This second video is from Beumer Crisplant.  The 4.09 min long video exhaustively showcases Crisplant’s Tire Tray System that the company claims to delivers fast, safe, reliable transport and sortation of green and cured tyres. This video will help you visualize the nuances and complexities of green tyre handling and storage really well.

Green Tire Handling Storage from Beumer

The third video  is from Uteco Contec on automatic ware house concept. You will find this 2:46 min long video giving additional dimensions on green tyre conveying and storage challenges.

Green Tyre Automatic Warehouse_Uteco Contec

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