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Meet A Technology Supplier in Cutting Edge Rubber Injection Moulding

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Injection Moulding is an important processing technique for converting elastomeric materials into final products. The injection moulding machine automatically performs raw material feeding, heating, polymer mix plasticization, and mould injection; all operations are performed under controllable conditions of temperature, time, speed and pressure.

As Injection Moulding of Rubber compounds becomes an increasingly important moulding process, it is crucial that machinery technology stays ahead to meet the rapidly changing requirements.

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise focusing on Design, R&D, Production, Sales and Service of moulding machines. High-quality Rubber Injection Machines (RIM) by one of their subsidiaries, Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd., is amongst their main products.

In this Rubber & Tyre Machinery World’s Special Edition of Technology & Innovation, I bring you an exclusive interview with Wang ShihaiGeneral Manager of Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. We understand from Wang that since last 6 years, innovation, technology and thirst for global leadership has been driving their RIM business.

“Yizumi has seen a rapid growth in global sales so far and we are committed to provide free of charge service under warranty”, emphasizes Wang Shihai.

I reproduce for you a teaser of our conversation in this post. Please do read full interview to comprehensively Know this Technology Supplier in Cutting-Edge Rubber Injection Moulding Machinery on the special edition here or by clicking on the below image.

Yizumi Rubber Machinery - Technology & Innovation Special

Q) I see that you have big range for Rubber Moulding Industry (comprising of more than 7 Models). So, what products and services can a prospective buyer expect when they come to you?

Wang Shihai: Besides customized machines, Yizumi has other 7 machine series because there are so many types of rubber products and they are different in shape and performance demand. Also, customers’ requirements vary a lot, so we recommend different machine series for customers with different products. When customers have no idea of which model fits for them, we will give detailed analysis including TCO evaluation based on customers’ needs.

Q) Do you believe that buyers should evaluate TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) while buying machinery and not just the initial price? Have you been successful in your markets to convince your buyers to evaluate the TCO of equipment?

Wang Shihai: We cannot agree more. And we have several successful cases where customers are satisfied. But we should pay attention to the following points when evaluating TCO:
1. Correct basic data;
2. Verifiable method;
3. Customer’s actual production status;
4. Ultimate benefits oriented for customers.

To make up, modify, or exaggerate the data for winning the orders will affect the final result of TCO, and it should be avoided.


Q) Could you throw some light on how do you compete technologically for your products and service offerings against the European brands? How do you keep pace with the rest of the world to meet your goal of being “No.1 in the rubber injection machine industry” by 2017? 

Wang Shihai: Normally, European brand RIM is high in both performance and price. And it is widely accepted as good machines but what Yizumi prefers is to recommend a machine that is most suitable for the customer. Yizumi adopts modular design including 5 different types of injection plasticising structure (injection volume
0.15L – 80L), 7 types of clamping structure (clamping force 25T – 1800T) in total. The injection plasticising unit in different structure and different volume and clamping unit in different structure and clamping force can form 51 machine models, among which you can have 5 different power systems with more than 30 other optional devices for choices. We offer most suitable technology, machine model and configuration according to customer’s needs. Also, customization is available in order to guarantee that customer can purchase more suitable equipment and avoid the waste of machine performance and functions.

Meanwhile, Yizumi is the first RIM manufacturer to provide globally free after-sales service within warranty. Even after warranty, Yizumi will provide life-long machine maintenance and upgrade services at a fair price.

Besides, in order to launch “low price machine” to the market, some European brands adopts mechanical parts with low quality and cut down some necessary functions. This is totally not in line with the developing trend of rubber moulding industry.


China has already become an important production base of the global moulding equipment industry. Chinese equipment have become more relevant in global market. And Yizumi is a company that innovates regularly and focuses on providing cutting-edge technology to its customers.

“Yizumi is the most reliable partner for customers, please tell us what you really need, let’s decide the most suitable machine model for you” says Wang Shihai.

Please Download PDF Here of the full eMagazine for your digital library.

Below is a rubber machinery supplier info image-card of Yizumi and their contacts, if you would like to reach them quickly.

Yizumi Info On RMW Post

I hope you find the contents informative to learn more about this Rubber Injection Machinery (RIM) supplier.

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