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Rubber Calenders At A Glance


From our earlier post,  you would already know that a Rubber Calender is heavy-duty rubber machinery consisting of two or more rolls that revolve in opposite directions. And that the Classification of Rubber Calenders is based on

  1. The Number of rolls
  2. The Position or Orientation of the rolls

Precisely, the reason why you will see various rubber calender manufacturers offering you,

  • 2-Roll Horizontal Type Calender
  • 2-Roll Vertical Type Calender
  • 2-Roll Inclined or Tilted Type Calender
  • 3-Roll Vertical Type Calender
  • 3-Roll Offset Stack Calender
  • 4-Roll Vertical Type Calender
  • 4-Roll Offset Stack Calender (Inverted ‘L’ Type)
  • 4-Roll Offset Stack Calender (‘S’ Type)
  • 4-Roll Offset Stack Calender (‘Z’ Type)

Your selection of the type of rubber calender depends on the calendering process you require.

Here is a info-sheet to help you grasp the different rubber calenders quickly.

Know Your Different Rubber Calenders At A Glance


Know Your Different Rubber Calenders At A Glance

Download this Info-Sheet in PDF

Let me know if you found this info-sheet informative.

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