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A Starter’s Guide – Special Edition


This edition of Knowledge On-The-Go Special Supplement features two key machinery used in the rubber industry viz. Autoclave and Compression Moulding.

Autoclave is a vulcanizing equipment, and the other is the equipment used in your most common rubber moulding technique – compression moulding.

Our previous issue on Mixing Mills tracked the advancements of a very popular rubber machinery. This edition is aimed at fulfilling the curiosity of the new generation of business leaders in rubber goods manufacturing – who are either taking over from their parents or those young entrepreneurs setting up their own venture.

Hence, the theme – ‘A Starter’s Guide’.

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I hope you find this special supplement different and informative.

(Disclaimer: Any pictures and quoted statements in our special supplements including Know Your Supplier editions are shared with us by the respective companies and/or sources are mentioned appropriately. Rubber Machinery World does not independently verify them nor will vouch for their actions, hence will not be liable for any misrepresented data)

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Author: Prasanth Warrier

Co-Founder | #B2B Strategy, Marketing & BD Consultant | Speaker | Trainer | Enjoys Traveling, Reading & Meeting People | #SocialSelling | #Blogger | Knowledge Sharing | Blessed with Loving Family & Friends | Voracious Reader | Business Leader serving Rubber Industry

3 thoughts on “A Starter’s Guide – Special Edition

  1. Thanks for comparing compression to autoclaves.
    An extremely useful article.
    Quick question.
    Since, hydraulics are known to be high maintenance.
    what about comparing hydraulic press to toggle compression presses ?

    Liked by 1 person

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