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Machinery Is The Key To Rubber Processing – Dr. Chakravarty


Machinery is the key to rubber processing and brought significant changes in rubber industry, says Dr. S.N.Chakravarty in an exclusive interview with Rubber Machinery World. Celebrating his 50th year in Rubber Industry working in different countries including India, he shares his experience.

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Dr. Chakravarty has many achievements to his credit. After working in Bayer AG, Germany for many years he became Technical Manager of Bayer (India) Ltd. and then of Modi Rubber Ltd. Subsequently he started his own Consultancy Organisation in Rubber and related field.

He is the past Chairman of Indian Rubber Institute and Rubber Committee (PCD14) of Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), Fellow of Plastics & Rubber Institute, PRI (UK), Indian Rubber Institute (IRI),  Indian Chemical Society (ICS), Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE), Inst. of Chemist and Member of Rubber Division, American Chemical Society (USA). He represented India in TC 45 / ISO & was a member of IRCO, UK Committee, Convenor of 1st Int. Rubber Conf., Rubber Con ’93 Delhi in 1993 and member of ITTAC for many years.

Dr. Chakravarty has been Hon. Professor of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Kharagpur, visiting Faculty to different Universities & Institutes. He was the first President of Asian Rubber Forum to which all Asian countries like Japan, Korea, China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc. are members.

Dr Chakravarty has more than 106 Publications in National & International journals of repute. His work in the area of Rubber Chemistry & Technology and educational activity are well recognised all over the country & abroad. Dr. Chakravarty has traveled widely over the world and has command over different languages.

Recently he was awarded the “TRiLA Life Time Achievement Award, 2015” by Tyre Times at the recently concluded Tyre expo in Chennai.

So, now you would understand my predicament when I had to limit to 10 questions to capture his vast knowledge, leadership and expertise to feature him in your Know Your Rubber Leader Series!

Fortunately (for me), he also shares his expertise through articles on this portal. (Read his earlier posts – Mixing & Mix Design and Injection Moulding Of Rubber Product)

Below are some thoughtful snippets of his interview while you could read the complete interview by clicking on the image below.

Know A Rubber Leader - Dr.Chakravarty

Click on this image to read the complete interview

  1. Would you say that rubber processing has undergone change in the last 4.5 decades that you have been with rubber industry? What were the drivers for this change?

Surely, rubber processing has undergone substantial changes over the last about 5 decades, This is mainly due to availability of developed machinery – Mixer, Extruder, Calender, Presses etc., along with electronic / microprocessor controls, as well as development of rubber technology & ingredients used in compounding. Machinery is the key to rubber processing.

  1. What role has machinery played in this change?

Machinery played many fold role in rubber industry. These developments of machinery have made it possible to

  • Improve production output (impact on cost)
  • Superior dispersion & homogeneity – improvement in property level.
  • Lowering of wastage – impact on cost
  • Dimensional accuracy of components
  • Accuracy in working – improvement in quality
  • Effective Quality Control (QC)
  • Energy saving – very important factor
  • Pollution Control, better housekeeping, health factor for the working people in this industry.


Read Complete Interview or Download PDF Here

I hope you find this interview insightful. Let me know your thoughts.

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