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Become an Expert on Tire Debeading Machine by Watching These 5 Videos


Tire Debeading Machine is an important machinery if you plan to recycle waste tire.And today in this post, I bring to you 5 videos that could make you an expert in comprehending this machinery.

So what exactly is a Tire Debeading Machine or Tire Debeader?

When you refer to a tire construction image, you will observe that every tire consists of a bundle of harmonic steel beads that act as the supporting structure of the tire.

Image of a Cut Tire

Tire debeader is a specially designed equipment to mechanically pull out the bead wires completely that are inside the sidewalls. After debeading, you send the tire for the shredding process. Removal of this bead bundle prior to shredding gives a cleaner end product and assures longer life of the operating blades of your shredder machinery. This allows a smooth shredding operation and also cuts down on your maintenance down time.

So now that you have the process concept clear, let’s look at these 5 videos (click on each picture for its video) that could deepen your understanding and make you an expert on tire debeading machine.

1.  Bead Remover

I found this video of Bead Remover by “Engineering & Equipment Co” as a good starting tutorial to understand tire debeading further. In this video, you will see the bead bundles cut out in a neat fashion from the side wall of a tire. Of course in this video, prior to this step, sidewalls have been separated from the tire with the sidewall remover (which is another machinery in itself).

Bead Remover

2. Manual Tire Debeader

This video by “Meliksah Makina” will introduce you to the feature of “hook” that is an essential feature of all tire debeaders. When you watch this video, notice how the hook shape surface latches on the edge of the tire, which has the bead bundle and pulls out the beads using sheer mechanical pull.

Tire Debeader 1

3. Semi Automatic Tire Debeader

This video by “Evashred Shredders” attracted my attention for its instructional nature. I am sure you too will find the operational instructions enhancing your knowledge on tire debeader machine and give you additional inputs on safety and operational ease of this machinery.

Tire Debeader 2

4. Heavy Duty Tire Debeader

This video by “AAA Engineering” is descriptive and increases your working knowledge on state of the art electronic controls, hydraulic and mechanical systems together with PLC and load sensing features introduced into a tire debeader machine.

Tire Debeader 45. Automated Mobile Tire Debeader

When you see this video from “Eagle International” for OTR Tires, you will appreciate the evolution of features in a tire debeading machine. Covered here is the advancement in automation, user friendliness, production efficiency and the mobility aspects of tire debeader. I trust you will agree.

Tire Debeader 3

Summarizing after watching these 5 videos, you now know that a Hydraulic Tire Debeading Machine is designed for pulling the bead bundle out of a tire that is being processed for recycling. You could select a tire debeader based on the maximum size of the tire, level of automation, transportation requirements, user friendliness you require or you can afford and the reputation of the manufacturer.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post and videos.

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Author: Prasanth Warrier

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3 thoughts on “Become an Expert on Tire Debeading Machine by Watching These 5 Videos

  1. These videos for debeading tyres are very helpful. My friend works in the tyre industry. I’m going to send him a copy of this article.


  2. Where can I find more information on buffing , from bias so solid/foamfilled


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