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Think rubber mixing room, and the image that conjures up in your mind is that of a “black room“!

Factories that have open two roll mill mixing have carbon black particles all over the place, lending credibility and authenticity to “black mixing rooms”. Dust collection system reduces this to a large extent.

When an internal Banbury mixer or Intermix mixers with semi/automatic carbon feeding, filler feeding, oil dosing and effective dust collection systems are deployed, they present a safer and cleaner environment. Maintenance is easier and mixing rooms need not be “black” any longer.

A representative image of a mixing room is as below.

ThyssenKrupp Mixing Room Image

ThyssenKrupp Mixing Room Image from the web

Depending on the technology and layout adopted, the set-up could vary. And if you are curious to visualize how the complete system works, here is a video of a rubber mixing line.

Automated Mixing Line From Bainite Machines

Automated Mixing Line From Bainite Machines

Newer and most state-of-the-art rubber mixing and compounding factories invest in automated rubber mixing rooms to reduce reliance on labour, increase efficiency and production.

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Author: Prasanth Warrier

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18 thoughts on “Rubber Mixing Room

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  2. Dear Sirs,
    Please tell me the correct design or lay out for a rubber mixing room.
    Alexander Byfield

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    • Hello Alexander Byfield. Could you be more specific? Because, the layout changes with the available space and your requirements. If you have seen the video posted, it shows the layout in the initial few seconds – which is only one of the different permutations and combinations, based on the carbon feeding technology you adopt – vacuum pump or gravity flow, etc. For the mixer and downstream there are not many options. Should you want to discuss this separately, please email me on for a customized exchange.


    • Dear sirs,
      Please tell me a correct design and layout for following the Row Materail FIFO at A rubber mixing room



  3. Hello Alexander & Rubber Machinery World

    We design and Manufacture mixing Room Layout with Auto Carbon, Oil and Chemical feeding system, including controls and software.

    our website is
    my email id is

    kindly contact us so that we can provide you a customized

    Thanks & Regards,
    BASE Automation Technologies.

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