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Questionnaire for Internal Mixer Selection


HF MixerLast week, the two-roll mixing mill criterion checklist was amongst the most visited and downloaded posts. It has generated an equally curious interest from our members, as to what similar details should they prepare for discussions with internal mixer supplier.

Hence, here is a quick checklist Internal Mixer Selection Questionnaire for download.

Internal mixers could be either Tangential or Intermeshing Type. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages when it comes to rubber mixing and the mixer selection will depend on your final product and optimum quality-price trade-off.

Please remember, this criterion identification list is not exhaustive however it is definitely a good start if you are considering an internal mixer purchase. Subsequently, you may evaluate further on the features that the manufacturer/supplier is offering.

Let us know if you found the questionnaire beneficial to initiate a focused discussion with your internal mixer supplier.

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Author: Prasanth Warrier

Co-Founder | #B2B Strategy, Marketing & BD Consultant | Speaker | Trainer | Enjoys Traveling, Reading & Meeting People | #SocialSelling | #Blogger | Knowledge Sharing | Blessed with Loving Family & Friends | Voracious Reader | Business Leader serving Rubber Industry

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